Solo Entertainment in Central Texas

Rockin Rick is one of the most highly sought after solo entertainers in Central Texas because of the variety of music he plays and the fun he delivers to his audiences.


Watch my short video demo below…

When it comes to Party or Wedding DJ’s, Rockin’ Rick is in a category all his own. Rick is not only an award winning lead guitarist and vocalist, he is also one of the top Live DJ’s in Texas because of the unique way he blends live music in with popular DJ music. Rockin’ Rick performs as a live music DJ at some of the most beautiful weddings and prestigious events in Central Texas, as well as corporate events in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

Here are some actual comments from people about the Rockin Rick solo show. These were taken directly from Facebook posts:

“Rockin Rick you’re AWESOME! I couldn’t believe the wide range of music you play, and it is all so professionally done.”

“Rockin Rick is the best solo show I’ve ever seen. This guy plays and sings so many styles of music so well, it makes me want to throw my guitar away!”

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Rockin’ Rick hamming it up with a ZZ Topp tribute band in San Antonio at the Riverwalk Marriott Hotel.

“When we first heard you sing we were certain you had to be lip syncing because your vocals were so dead on! We were blown away when we realized that was actually you singing live. Well done.”

“We saw the Rockin Rick show at the State Fair of Texas and were instant fans! We come back to the fair each year now to see his show in the coliseum.”

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Rockin’ Rick performs his solo show for thousands each year at the State Fair of Texas.

“For anyone who hasn’t seen a Rockin Rick show, you don’t know what you’re missing! I HIGHLY encourage you to go – it’s soooo much fun!”

“Thank you so much Rockin Rick for playing for my wedding reception. I can’t tell you how many compliments we had about the entertainment! All my friends are going to book you for their weddings also.”

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Wedding entertainment is the most important detail of a reception.

“Rockin Rick you are the man! I had heard about your show for a long time, but you really can’t describe it to someone, they just have to see it. I was blown away by the fact that one guy can make so much sound. Keep on rockin.”

“We are always looking forward to the next Rockin Rick show when he is in town because he plays every kind of music the crowd wants.”

Temple Texas wedding entertainment.

The crowds always have smiles on their faces at Rockin’ Rick events.

“Your guitar tone is great. I have been looking for that tone forever on my guitar but can’t find it.”

“This is really a great show. I tell all my friends about it and when they come to a Rockin Rick show for the first time they are hooked too!”

Rockin Rick wedding DJ in Temple Texas

Rockin Rick playing at the State Fair of Texas for crowds of all ages.

“Rockin Rick is the most naturally talented person I’ve ever known, and I’m a professional musician myself.”

“Rockin Rick – you rock!”

“Your guitar playing is a cross between Stevie Ray, Clapton, and Santana. Your guitar sounds amazing.”

“Rockin Rick is the best. Period! I’ve never seen anyone do what he is able to do with a crowd.”

“Rick is a true professional and a class act.”

“Great job with the show last night, it is always such a treat to hear you sing and play. It seems like you get even better each time we hear you.”

“We see you perform at the State Fair each year and we can’t wait until next year!”

“WOW! This guy is GOOD!!!”

“Congratulations on playing your 500th show in 4 years at the State Fair of Texas. An accomplishment like that speaks volumes about your talent and entertainment ability. Keep on Rockin.”

“I love me some Rockin Rick!”

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All kinds of music for weddings and special events.

“I’m a musician and I’ve seen Rockin Rick’s show many times, but each time I see it, the show is never the same twice. I don’t know how he does it.”

“This is the most entertaining solo music show you will find anywhere, including Branson or Las Vegas.”

“Your guitar playing is crazy man. I’ve been playing for a few years and you blew my mind with some of those guitars licks. Very nice work Rockin Rick!”

“Some people are born to entertain, and Rockin Rick is one of them.”

“Rick is like no other solo performer I’ve ever seen. Most solo guys sit on a stool with an acoustic guitar, but Rockin Rick sounds like an entire band!”

There are so many more of these comments that there is not enough room for them all here.